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  How to keep track of migrating fish; How weather patterns affect fishing; Fishing deep in the water column; Controlled depth fishing; Using cutting-edge electronics to locate productive areas and game fish; Successful trolling tactics; How fish react to tides, moon phases, water temperature, weather and solunar periods; Flutter jigging; How to rig and successfully catch fish on light tackle; plus, Where to catch fish year-round in your area!  


BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Live-baiting for trophy striped bass; Spinner-and-worm fishing for striped bass; Stripers on topwater lures; Diamond- and Flutter jigging for striped bass and bluefish; Chunking for big striped bass; Inshore wire-line techniques; How to locate bluefish when they’re not plentiful; Bluefish on surface lures; Targeting jumbo bluefish; How to choose, rig and fish the most productive New England artificials; How and where to catch winter flounder by the numbers; Trophy fluke tactics; Secrets of fishing Boston Harbor; River fishing tactics; Bottom-fishing for inshore table fare (flounder, black sea bass, blackfish); Bucktailing for trophy black sea bass; How to find offshore cod and pollock; Deep jigging tactics; Chumming and chunking for bonito and false albacore; bluefin tuna on light tackle and artificial lures; No-nonsense bluefin tactics; Cutting edge tuna  trolling patterns; How to create and troll a deadly offshore teaser system (dredges included); Live-chumming and live-baiting for tunas; Kite fishing for sharks and tunas; Hot methods for catching mako, blue, thresher and porbeagle sharks; Taking sharks on light-tackle and artificial lures; How to find and fish nearshore and offshore surface temperature breaks!

ATLANTIC CITY AREA, NEW JERSEY – Trophy stripers on ultra-light tackle; Live-lining for trophy stripers; Top trolling tactics for stripers; Chunking for bluefish; Bluefish on surface lures; Inshore wire-line techniques; Jetty tactics; How to catch more and bigger fluke; Targeting trophy fluke; Top tactics for jumbo fluke; Secrets of fishing the Cape May Rips; Trophy drum in Delaware Bay; Secrets of fishing Delaware Bay; Top tactics for big blackfish; Catching blackfish by the score; Variety fishing in and around inlets; How to locate and fish productive bottom (blackfish, sea bass, spot and fluke); Back-bay stripers; Successful back-bay fishing; Can’t-miss tuna-trolling patterns; Chunking for tunas; Live-baiting for tunas; Advanced methods for bluefin and yellowfin tuna; Cutting edge lure-trolling tactics; Subsurface offshore trolling; Cutting edge spreader bar and dredge tactics; Secrets for catching more inshore tuna; Reading water temperature charts; Targeting trophy makos; Basic and advanced sharking techniques; Offshore kite fishing for sharks and tuna; Specialized tactics that take more big-eye tuna; How to troll up more wahoo and white marlin!

CARY, NORTH CAROLINAFool-proof red drum tactics; Tricks that take more and bigger trophy red drum; Popping corks for trophy drum; Tactics for taking more and bigger striped bass; Catch bluefin tuna like the pros; Trolling for bluefin tuna; Cutting-edge tactics for trophy king mackerel; Tricks that fool stubborn king mackerel; Sure-fire cobia tactics; Flounder fast and easy; How to locate and catch trophy flounder; Successful river and ICW fishing strategies; Where and how to catch fish in the Neuse River; Variety fishing around inlets and jetties and along the beaches; Scoring keeper sheepshead; Taking trophy trout on lures; Selective live-baiting for jumbo trout; Trolling for school trout; Spanish mackerel fast and easy; Successful bottom fishing; How to catch keeper grouper; Deep jigging; Sea bass by the score; Wreck fishing; Offshore trolling tactics; Trolling for yellowfin tuna; Live-baiting for big yellowfin tuna; Secrets for catching more and bigger wahoo; Targeting big dolphin; Offbeat tricks that catch more dolphin; Subsurface offshore fishing tactics; How to catch North Carolina tarpon; Top offshore trolling spreads!

ISLAMORADA, FLORIDA KEYS – Swordfish during the day; Top secrets for running and gunning for more and bigger dolphin; How to target trophy dolphin by the moon; Cutting edge dolphin trolling tactics; Getting stubborn dolphin to eat; Where and how to target jumbo Florida Keys yellowtail; Secrets for catching flag yellowtail; Gunning for big grouper;  Effective reef-fishing tactics (sailfish, cobia, kings, snapper, grouper, amberjack); Bottom fish like the pros; Wreck fishing the productive way; Cobia tactics; No-nonsense blackfin tuna tactics; Targeting big blackfin tuna; Dialing in on wahoo; Small boat wahoo trolling tactics; Jigging for wahoo; Top Florida Keys offshore trolling spreads; Live-baiting for trophy kingfish; How to score quality fish on the patch reefs; Top tactics for fishing channels and bridges for tarpon, snook, permit and big snapper; Tarpon in the creeks; Targeting big mangrove snapper; Trolling the bridges, mangroves and canals for more and bigger snook; Top flats tactics for permit, tarpon and bonefish; Fishing the backcountry like the pros; Cutting-edge seatrout tactics; and Scoring more redfish, fishing the Gulf wrecks and rock piles!

FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA– Tricks for catching more and larger cobia; Successful sight fishing tactics for cobia; How to consistently catch cobia from a small boat; How to make stubborn cobia eat; Secrets of locating cobia on structure; New tactics for even bigger king mackerel; Speckled trout by the score; Nighttime monster trout tactics;  How trout and redfish see and selecting the right lure colors to fool them; Fishing the passes and beaches for trophy redfish, speckled trout and flounder; Chunking for redfish; Taking redfish year-round; Successful deep water redfish tactics; Sight fishing for trophy redfish;  Top tactics for big flounder; How to locate and catch more flounder; Locate and catch trophy tripletail; Cutting-edge jigging tactics for amberjack, groupers and snappers; How to locate and catch quality fish on close-to-shore structure; Successful snapper and grouper tactics; Chumming for bottom fish; Kite fishing for kings, tuna, wahoo and dolphin; Chunking tactics for yellowfin and blackfin tuna; Live-baiting for trophy yellowfins; Jigging for tuna; Sub-surface wahoo tactics; How to target trophy wahoo; How to choose, rig and fish the most productive offshore trolling lures; South Florida tactics that take more and bigger Gulf of Mexico dolphin, How to catch day swordfish off the Florida Panhandle and Alabama coasts!

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK Live-lining for trophy stripers; refined striper trolling tactics; Big stripers on top water lures; Chunking tricks for trophy striped bass; Diamond-jigging for striped bass and bluefish; Targeting jumbo bluefish; Bluefish on surface lures; Inshore wire-line trolling techniques; How and where to catch more and bigger fluke; Bucktailing for fluke; How and where to catch fluke by the numbers; How to catch a tournament-winning fluke; Secrets for catching big blackfish; Can’t miss blackfish tactics; How to locate and set up on productive bottom (for blackfish, black sea bass, fluke and spot); Target jumbo sea bass;  Jigging for sea bass; How to find and use offshore temperature breaks to your advantage;  Cutting-edge tactics that take bigger Mako sharks;  Kite fishing for sharks and tuna; Can’t miss tuna-trolling patterns; Cutting-edge tuna chunking tactics; Live-baiting for tunas; Advanced methods for bluefin and yellowfin tuna; Zeroing in on big eye tuna; How to choose, rig and fish the best lures and natural baits for tuna; Tournament winning offshore trolling tactics; Subsurface offshore trolling tactics;  Cutting edge spreader bar and dredge tactics; Secrets for catching more inshore tuna; Top tricks for fishing the canyons!

PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA Beachfront fishing for tarpon and snook; River fishing for tarpon and snook; New inlet tactics that take bigger snook and tarpon; Catching snook on the flats; How and where to catch trophy snook; Speckled trout by the numbers; No nonsense monster trout tactics; Trout on topwater plugs; Taking redfish in the ICW; Light-tackle fishing for Spanish and king mackerel; Trolling and drifting for kingfish; Tricks for catching trophy kingfish;  Kite fishing for kingfish, sailfish, tuna and cobia; Catching more and bigger grouper and snapper; Live-baiting for bottom fish; Deep jigging for amberjack, African pompano, groupers, snappers, kingfish and wahoo; How to consistently catch trophy gray snapper; Chumming tactics for bottom fish; Reef and wreck fishing strategies; Targeting permit and African pompano in the inlets and on the wrecks; How to read and fish the local offshore waters (locating the true edges of the Gulf Stream, thermal breaks, warm water fingers and structure for wahoo, dolphin, tuna and billfish); Top Southern Florida trolling spreads and strategies for catching offshore game fish; Top dolphin tactics; Offbeat tactics that catch more dolphin; How to target and catch yellowfin tuna off Grand Bahama Island; Scoring more wahoo locally and in the Bahamas; Secrets for catching more and bigger wahoo;  How to read and follow the birds to score more tuna and dolphin; day swordfishing!

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA – Kite fishing for tarpon, kings, amberjack, cobia, tuna and sailfish; Tricks that take jumbo flounder; Bucktailing for flounder; Catch flounder like the pros; New tricks that catch more and bigger flounder; Variety fishing around inlets and jetties and along the beaches; Trophy drum in the inlets; Red drum on the flats; No-Nonsense tactics for catching red drum in the ICW and rivers; How to target and catch big trout;  Top lure tactics for trout;  Advanced live bait techniques for trout; Winter trout fishing secrets; Jetty, bridge and reef tactics for jumbo sheepshead; Fishing the wrecks and artificial reefs (spadefish, sheepshead, mackerel, cobia, bottom fish); Spanish mackerel fast and easy; Sure-fire tactics for catching South Carolina tarpon; How to catch “keeper” grouper and snapper; Tricks that take jumbo sea bass; Catch sea bass by the score; Amberjack the fast way; Bird-dogging the shrimp boats (kings and sharks); How to target and catch cobia;  How to make stubborn cobia eat; What it takes to catch trophy class cobia; Successful wahoo tactics; Jigging for wahoo; Offshore trolling strategies; No-Nonsense dolphin tactics; Live baiting for dolphin; Top tricks for blackfin and yellowfin tuna; Offshore live-baiting; Small boat offshore trolling tactics; Day swordfish off South Carolina!