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Captain David Wicker – Noted touring king mackerel tournament pro and authority on bottom fishing and marine electronics! Cindy Nguyen – Noted Houston-based light-tackle, kayak fishing pro with over 60 species of fish to her credit!

Harry Vernon III - Innovative South Florida-based authority on live-baiting for pelagics, bottom fishing, offshore trolling and daytime swordfishing! Captain Sally Black – Noted specialist at wade fishing and using lures to catch Baffin Bay trophy sea trout, and a shallow water sight casting pro with over 17 years of experience at fishing Texas coastal waters, with Baffin Bay Rod & Gun!

Leslie Littles – Distinguished redfish tournament pro and authority on catching trophy sea trout and redfish along the Texas coast! Captain Carl Christoph - Legendary Freeport-based authority on catching trophy ling, red snapper and king mackerel!

Doug Pike – Veteran authority on fishing coastal Texas and its near shore waters, noted writer and Contributing Editor for Salt Water Sportsman! Captain Michael Belvin – Revered Matagorda-area bottom fishing pro and specialist at catching offshore pelagics!

Demetric (Pop) Wells – Renowned expert on catching redfish and sea trout along the Texas coast and accomplished tournament competitor! Alan Wenzel – Noted offshore angler and marine entertainment systems authority for JL Audio!

George Poveromo - Renowned saltwater angler, writer and TV host.